Why We Exist: 

Exposing Exploitation is a movement that is going to perpetuate. It is our aim through our content, investigations and contributions to reveal the often ignored feeling we all have that something is not quite right. Something that makes us wrinkle our nose, grimace and frown. And that urge to repress the bile rising in our throats when viewing or experiencing something exploitative the first time cannot become the norm, cannot become so commonplace that it just continues unchallenged.

It must be understood. Everything about it. Why does it exist, who made this and for what intent? Is there a criminal purpose behind the intent or is it sadistic? Is it for economic benefit or for strategic importance? Where else does this path go? How far does it go? 

We exist to keep this movement perpetually in motion. And so we will continue without mercy or apology for as long as need be. Questions keep on piling up so much so it seems insurmountable. Most mystifying than ever. Daunting. Are you imagining evil intent? Are you rationalizing the exploitation via personal choices (or lack thereof) or by convincing yourself that you are simply paranoid, a worry wart or hypochondrial? These questions persist in you and persist in us. So we will persist in exposing exploitation indefinitely. 

It is not our choice to persist this way, it is a necessity that must be engaged with now. 
Not in the past, not in the future. 
But now. 




What We Do:

There is a core group of us associated with other groups and individuals who aim to bring to light what should be brought to light. Sounds simple enough when using the metaphors of light and dark, but this isn’t just a darkened room with a light switch to be turned on. There is no singular epiphany light-bulb moment we are aiming for here. It’s a process which will take persistence to become a movement,
and we want you all to join in.

There are others who do not know who we are, or what we do, but are on the same mission to elucidate the obfuscated. We often tread parallel paths into the darkness for the same results in our own little patch of the world. The problem is now that patch of the world is meaningless when trying to measure its safety by size. 

The little patch of the world that was once safe and unremarkable is now circumspect. Don’t fall under the darkness of a dismissive incredulity at this statement. You are going to realize that your safe little patch of the world is now a snowballing array of risks, of victims & criminals, of exploiters & the exploited. Join us to become aware of it and educated on how to partake in its exposure. 


What You Can Do:

For too long now, have we become comfortable in ignorance and idolatry. The measure of a demographic, population, age group, nation, income and personality is measured as a percentage of exploited versus unexploited. A single digit (or fraction of a digital) feeding off the double digit host majority. It’s a pair scales that are tipped in this way for so long that it has become the norm for us. 

Do some of us deserve to be exploited by subconsciously abandoning awareness, choice and action for a simpler existence? Do these systems of exploitation exist only because of the fertile soil of the subconscious being exploited and thus allowing exploitation to profit from our inaction & ignorance?  

Whether we know it or not, we are all required to participate in this movement as a matter of integrity, justice and trying to do what is right. As time goes on and we continue to help all of those who want further explication as to different types of present exploitative practices, the movement stops being about “We”, “Me” or “Them”. It becomes about being a constant in everyone’s awareness. 

There has been an inter-generational rotting of our subconscious that has eased us into the abandonment of integrity and honesty. Our persistence, along with your willingness is going to tip the scales back into equilibrium. Please join us throughout this movement as we steadfastly plot the course towards

To shine light for those most at threat of what’s waiting in the dark.