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The following content is an effort to help promote awareness and bring the community together. We wish to feature other individuals or groups and their work here. If you would like to see your content featured to help raise awareness on issues, then please contact us and we’ll review it.


Crep hunter

Online investigator that is always monitoring creeps so don’t even try to block or hide, he’ll always find you.
His videos showcase the grooming tactics and cowardice that predators have in YouTube live-streaming rooms. Show some support to him!


Dr. purple

Citizen Investigator who has shown incredible tenacity in researching and exposing predators and groomers on YouTube. Dr. P Provides evidence of of their tactics in his videos. Please help support him and give him some feedback on how to improve.



A concern citizen who has done great work on capturing chat-logs happening on live-streams where groomers try to coerce unsuspecting kids into inappropriate actions, as usual please help support him and give him some feedback on how to improve.


The turtle company

Video covering Diamond Gate AKA YouTube Live-stream Abuse and give a good overall view and explanation.


Cody A

Video covering the Dare Team, a group of groomers who work together in a effort to get children to take inappropriate requests. Cody A has appeared to inspired many others to spread awareness through simple screen captures of chat logs that YouTube has. (Which usually is deleted by users quickly)


Heroic Spirit

inspired by Cody A method, created a video to help spread more awareness on groups such as the Dare Team.


Worst Boy

Video covering YouTube Abuse, explaining community guidelines and how it appears users are using loopholes to produce content, and spreading general awareness.



Another video covering live-stream chat-logs, this one particularly is covering a pervert known as Dr. Feelgood if anyone by chance has information regarding these people please don’t forget to share it.


That Chapter

“DiamondGate is the latest disturbing trend on YouTube. People are uploading disturbing videos of underage girls doing, well, very disturbing stuff (impressive how many times I could fit "disturbing in there). Barely clad, doing gymnastics, and the comments will make you sick. Let's take a look at DiamondGate. “



Backed up video from their backup channel.